MEDIRIM, a temporary work cooperative to improve working conditions and diversify the workforce

MEDIRIM is a temporary work company, whose legal status is that of a société coopérative d’intérêt collectif (Scic), created by associations of the medico-social, health and social sector in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with the aim of sharing replacement staff.

Employers in the social and medico-social sector, often faced with high staff turnover, must ensure continuity of service in the event of an employee’s absence or an increase in activity. And, for good reason, these structures provide care and support to people suffering from loss of autonomy, exclusion, disability or vulnerability. It is often a question of finding qualified and available staff on an emergency basis, often for short periods.

To maintain the activity of their structure while respecting the values attached to their activities, these organisations have engaged in innovation by creating a cooperative, MEDIRIM. It differs from a traditional temporary employment agency in its economic model, which is not open to competition, and in the collegiate governance of the associations, based on the principle of “1 association = 1 vote”.

A cooperative to relieve the burden on health, social and medico-social actors

MEDIRIM makes it possible to create synergies in order to find relevant profiles quickly and to relieve understaffed personnel, either by bringing in one or more employees to compensate for a departure, or by adding administrative burdens to the structure’s managers. . MEDIRIM is responsible for managing administrative tasks and recruitment, thanks to a pool of replacement professionals that the cooperative company has been able to build up.

Cumulation of salaries, unemployment benefits without time limit, social benefits, the possibility of signing a temporary permanent contract, etc. Employees find it beneficial to work through MEDIRIM since they benefit from the same rights as any other private sector employee, without being bound by a permanent contract. They can thus stay for a few months and then leave, sometimes for one of the structures belonging to MEDIRIM. Temporary work is also a way to become more professional.

While improving working conditions and developing diversity

Over and above the economic interests, the employee finds improved working conditions, in particular a better balance between professional and private life, with chosen rhythms. This means that employees can pursue another activity on the side and that young retirees can continue to work. For example, retired nurses occasionally take on assignments via MEDIRIM. It is important that people who are retired or about to retire from the workforce still feel “useful”.

Temporary work is not a panacea and has a bad image, especially among the pricing authorities. However, it does offer a good solution, particularly in terms of diversity. We have seen a “masculinisation” of certain jobs. For example, during the pandemic, experienced men came to work in jobs that were strongly feminised.

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