The project

Diversity Now! is a project led by BRUXEO, UNIPSO and UDES that aims at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in social enterprises on a Belgian, French and European level.



Diversity is all of our facets ,either visible or invisible, that make us unique. A diverse workplace is made up of employees possessing different characteristics. Some are visible, such as gender, ethnicity, age. Others are less visible, such as personality, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or political and religious beliefs.


is the mindset, the will and the skills that allow us to understand, value and capitalise on all aspects of our diversities. An inclusive workplace embraces individual differences by creating a sense of belonging and respect for all. Every employee feels valued, welcomed, integrated and included in the workforce.

Social enterprises


Brussels - 16_ total employment



France - 10,5% total employment

We act on 3 levels :

Raising awareness

among managers and directors and providing tools to implement inclusive management in a sustainable manner.


managers and directors via the implementation of a “diversity and inclusion” manager module.


of diversity managers, experts and organisations dedicated to the fight against discrimination in the workplace.

The consortium

The consortium is composed of 3 partners : BRUXEO, UNIPSO, UDES, each of them being a confederation of social employers, in Brussels, Wallonia and the Walloon-Brussels Federation and in France respectively.